Progress Updates

Progress Updates will try to keep you informed about what's being done to get movies to you in New Boston, Texas!

We're OPEN, as of December 11, 2021 - FREE Christmas Movies that day.
Our regular Movie Week Schedule is Wednesdays thru Sundays
Tickets are only $5; $3.50 kids 10 and under; Lap Babies- Free

The Screen is up!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

October 31 - The screen is up and ready! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

October 22 - Getting closer and closer!! We needed to get these screens installed to keep outdoor light from interfering with the big screen!! We soooo want this to be done and ready!!

Sept 12 ~ Still not able to get the huge screen installed. Needs to have some special welding done on the ceiling, so we hope it will be soon. Looking more like November for our opening - sorry!! We're as anxious as all of you are!!

August 7 ~ Awesome number of people are subscribing and telling us the types of movies they'd like to see!! Really appreciate people taking the time to let us know their favorite movie categories - Thanks everyone and keep it up!

July 30 ~ Just added our Subscribe to Us Form and you can now tell us the type of movies you'd like us to show in the future!! Just sign up at either the bottom of the website or the "Flyout" and tell us the type(s) of movies and also receive upcoming info first, thru our Newsletters.

July 26 ~ the brand new Cinema screen arrived on this really l-o-n-g truck!!! Weighed 941 POUNDS. It took a forklift and many "volunteers" to maneuver this huge movie screen up all those steps and into the building!!

Next, is getting this monster up on the stage itself!! Hopefully, this weekend - July 31!?

Getting closer and closer!!

July 24-25 weekend - Mike's Repair Service was here fixing and updating our Air Conditioning Systems to bring some awesome temperature "feeling" to our new Cinema!!