Private Showings

Private Showings are great for groups, schools, organizations and companies. We have guests from all over our area - Texarkana, Ashdown, AR, DeKalb, Atlanta, Maud, Malta, Avery, etc.

It's a great way for a company to treat their employees to something different for a change. We can even arrange for business type or motivation movies for a company. Plus, we have a nice stage for speakers to utilize before or after the movie.

Schools love it because they can bring school children here for a field trip and they are safe in a contained atmosphere. The teacher can have any specific movie they want, based on the age grouping of the children.

We've had private showings for as little as two people!! We have the ability to host at least 150 to 175 people. Many times, we offer a package price that will include Popcorn with the ticket. Gotta have Popcorn when you're going to watch a movie!!

School children especially love this opportunity because kids can watch a movie on a big wide screen. Due to the limited number of movie theaters around New Boston area, this is a welcome treat for children and their teachers!

Be sure to Contact Us to see if we can help you host your next event.